Pandora Gets Vain by Carolyn Hennesy (Pandora Series)

The quest for the 8 evils continues when Pandy and her companions travel around the world looking for Vain.  After finding Jealously in Greece, they travel to Egypt looking for Vanity.  With their new bodyguard, they’ll go all over the world.  Though they don’t know it yet, their adventure is life-changing.  The journey involves sacrifices, Hera’s dirty old tricks, and of course, friendship.  As their noble quest continues, they meet some friends along the way, ride dolphins up the Nile, and escape death numerous times.

It is a really good book with an excellent plot.  It is the sequel to Pandora Gets Jealous, so if you loved that, you’ll definitely love this book.  It is based off the Greek myth Pandora’s Box.  I would rate this book 3.5 stars.

Review by Simran P. – 6th grade


The Voice on the Radio by Caroline B. Cooney

The kidnapping mess is over and gone, both families are living in peace.  (Look at “The Face on the Milk Carton) “The Voice on the Radio” is the third book in the Janie Johnson series.

The younger Spring siblings often visit and the two families have good relationships.  But, Janie is very distressed because her friend Reeve is now at a college in Boston and she feels alone.

Meanwhile, Reeve has problems of his own.  He can’t seem to find anything interesting at Hills College.  So, he gets a basic one-hour slot on WSCK, the college’s radio station.  He feels horrible and odd when the mike is on and he has nothing to say.  He can’t seem to think about anything to say about sports.  About weather.  About movies.  About anything.

Then, something pops into Reeve’s head.  Janie.  From there, everything rolls off his tongue smoothly.  He begins to retell Janie’s story.  All of the private, hurtful parts are now known to all of Boston.

Reeve’s show becomes a hit!  WSCK has to cut off lots of the other jockey’s hours because of Reeve’s so-called “janies.”  Then, the Johnson’s suggest that Janie go to Boston, so that the two best friends can finally meet.
But, Janie’s phone call makes Reeve apprehensive.  So, he drives up to Connecticut immediately, to prevent Janie from coming to Boston.

Then, Jodie (Janie’s sister) needs to go to Boston to look at colleges.  Her younger brother, Brian, decides to go, too.  They stop at the Johnson’s house to invite Janie, and the Johnson’s allow Janie to go.
The three siblings are driving one night, listening to sports on the radio.  Then, Brian decides to find WSCK.  Reeve’s voice comes on.  He begins to tell a “janie.”  The three Springs are shocked.

I think that EVERYONE would like to read this book.  After I finished the first Janie Novel, “The Face on the Milk Carton,” I’ve become addicted to Ms. Cooney’s fascinated series.  Once you start, you just have to keep reading.  If people are interested in this and TFMC, then they should know that the second book is called, “Whatever Happened to Janie?”

Review by Rama G. – 6th grade

Behind Enemy Lines by H. Demallie

Behind enemy lines is about a young pilot’s adventure as he is shot down in Nazi occupied Holland. He faces hardships while hiding from town to town til he is caught and sent to a POW camp.

I think others would like to read this book because it tells a story behind his long struggle.

Review by Josh B. – 8th grade

Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix (Shadow Children Series, Book 1)

Luke lives in a country where the families are only aloud to have two children.  Unfortunately for Luke, he is a third child.  He lives with his family at his farm.  He liked to play in the yard and he could because the woods were his safety.  But now new houses are being built where the woods are, so Luke’s life is miserable.  Until he sees a face in a window, a house where there are already two children living.  Luke goes to the house and meets Jen, a brave, smart girl who has gone everywhere under a fake I.D.  She is organizing a rally for third children’s rights.  Luke refuses to go because he is certain that the government will rebel.  Find what happens in this thrilling story about kids who fight for what they believe in.

This is the first book in a series about “Shadow Children” or third-borns.  The beginning is a bit dull, but after that you can’t put the book down.  Be sure to read this series, its one of my favorite series of books!

Review by Cassidy M? – 6th grade

The People of Sparks by Jeanne DuPrau (City of Ember Series, Book 2)

When Lina and Doon emerge from Ember, the people they left behind soon follow.  When they leave the darkness behind them, they find a world with soft green plants and sunlight, a place they thought only existed in their dreams.  When the people from the small village of Sparks seem willing to shelter them, the Emberites think their problems are over.  But the people of Ember find that life on the surface has its disadvantages the hard way.  Soon, the differences between Ember and Sparks turns to hate and the Emberites live each day in fear of being turned away.  After all, the world underground is very different and they still have much to learn about their new life.  As the two groups fight battle after battle, Lina and Doon must have the courage to put aside the differences between the two groups and unite the people of Ember and Sparks together.

It is a well-written book with a really amazing plot.  It is really exciting.  It is the sequel to the City of Ember which is now a major-motion film.

Review by Simran P. – 6th grade

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

The book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, is about a kid named Greg Heffley who just started middle school and, well, let’s just say that he doesn’t like it very much. He and his friend, Rowley, try to up their popularity level at this school. Whether it’s wrestling, musicals, video games, or just avoiding Greg’s older brother Rodrick, and his little brother Manny. Greg and Rowley go on many “adventures” in this book. Such as building a haunted house or constructing a weight room. This book is a great story to just sit and read quietly. Packed with tons of humor, this book is suitable for all ages.

I think that middle school kids,(especially 6th graders,) will enjoy this book because it describes some of the problems middle schoolers face every day. It would also be easy for younger readers because it has illustrations on every page.

Review by Ryan B. – 6th grade

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Buck is a dog used to a life full of luxury.  When Manuel, the gardener at his owner’s home, takes him and sells him to an evil man who beats him, Buck’s life takes a turn for the worse.  He is taken to the Yukon where he is underfed, whipped, and fought with.  He meets dogs who are mean, and dogs that he instantly befriends.  Because of the harsh climate, owners, and other dogs, some of the dogs are not fit to survive in the harsh area.  Buck goes through many dogs and owners, some that have no experience, and just make life worse.

This is a very good book because of its action, adventure, and descriptions.  Although it is very well written, it is very sad because some dogs die for no reason other than another dog was hungry or the owner was mad.

Review by Cassidy M. – 6th grade

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld

Sarah was infected by Cal who was infected by Morgan.  Now its Cal’s job to find Sarah and stop infecting people till peeps rule the world.  A peep is a vampire, sort of.  Cal is a vampire without the symptoms like a carrier.  He is now involved in the secret government of NY all because of this disease.  It is his job to gather all the insane peeps and get them to rehab before they become real vampire.  Cal is keeping a huge secret, but secrets are also being kept from him.  Can he help save the world and find out these secrets before it is to late.

I think other people would enjoy this book because it is always on the edge.  It always keeps your nose in it literally.  Once you start you can’t stop.

Review by Micah R.  – 6th grade

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

Imagine you are in your bed, in your room, at midnight.  You wake by the sound of rain you look out the window and there is a hobo like guy standing there calling for your dad.  That is what happens to Meggie.  The next morning she finds her dad talking with the hobo guy in their kitchen.  Later in the book she finds out secrets her father, mo, has been keeping from her for years.  She is brought into an ever going search and enslave mission by her dads enemy.  She has to escape him, save her dad, save her new friends, find out where her missing mom is, and put her dads enemy back into a book where her father’s secrets started.

I think others would like to read this book because it is full of action and you never get bored.

Review by Micah R. – 6th grade

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Hatchet is a good book if you like adventures. It is about a kid whose parents are divorced. Brian is flying up into a town in Canada to visit his dad for the summer. He is flying in a small plane-it is only him and the driver. The pilot invites him to ride up in the cockpit and Brian says yes. During the middle of the flight the pilot has a heart attack and dies. Brian must land safely in a lake. He gets out safely, but all he has is him and a hatchet. Will he survive?

Review by Ian G. – 6th grade